About parisvt

Have you ever wondered how it is to be a writer? I have, especially when I was a kid, hence I simply started writing and now I’m here, creating this very website. I’m happy that you visited this place. Read further in order to find out what you can find here and how exactly did it happen that this website was created.

Ways of expression

My mum always told me that I was a creative kid. I felt this way as well and someday I simply realised that writing is the easiest way to preserve my memories and ideas. Soon I noticed that it’s a great fun as well and this very way became my form of living.

Later on, when the Internet became overwhelming, abundant and versatile, I begun to use it for the purpose of sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. This is how this page begun to exist and developed, becoming what it is today.

What can you find here?

I study journalism and I’m a semi-active writer as well. What does it mean? In fact, I like to write but I’m a person that can’t work under pressure. As a result, I write only when I feel that I’m able to do it. This is what I call a ‘semi-active’.

That is also the reason why this website isn’t updated as regularly as I wanted it to be, but you can be sure that because of this very reason thing that are posted here are also thoughtful and truly interesting not only for people interested in writing, but online business, e-commerce and so on as well. I invite you to browse the page and find an interesting topic. I hope this website will be a source of plenty of creative ideas that will be later exploited in real world, especially in business.